Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch LogoNeighbourhood Watch is a partnership between the police and local communities supported by the local Community Safety Partnership and District Policing Partnership.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can make a real difference to people’s lives, and can help people to feel safer in their homes. They are an effective example of communities coming together to prevent crime, and vandalism, reduce fear of crime and generally improve the quality of life of those in that area. This reputation is well deserved on the basis of it providing a practical and positive means for committed citizens to enter into a meaningful partnership with the police to make communities safer.

How to set up a scheme

Get your local community to support a new scheme

  • Talk to your local police
  • Choose one or two local people who are well-known and trusted by the community to be co-ordinators
  • Co-ordinators fill in an application form, download from links below, and send to the police to approve
  • An application form is sent to the Community Safety Partnership and District Policing Partnership
  • If your scheme is approved, you will be issued with a certificate and an identity card for the co-ordinators

For further information:

Project Support Officer,

Newry and Mourne Community Safety Partnership

Tel: 028 3031 3052