Recycle Week

Love your electricals, and set them free, this Recycle Week

Materials StreamsHas your kettle run out of steam? Is your TV facing the final credits? Many of us are already recycling everyday items such as newspapers, cans and plastic bottles. But did you know that old and unused electrical items can also become useful again?

This Recycle Week, running from 21st to 27th June, is focusing on small electrical items, that means anything with a battery or plug: from broken toasters and kettles gathering dust in the loft, to old mobile phones in drawers and disused power tools cluttering up the garage, all can be re-used or recycled.

Each of us accumulates three new electrical items each year on average, or 173 million nationally, but we find it harder to let them go as only one in five of our small electricals gets recycled.

Broken electricals contain valuable materials such as silver that can be used again, saving precious new resources. Many that are disused after an upgrade could find a new home somewhere else.

Jane Hall from Recycle Now said: “Recycle Week is a great opportunity to remind us just how easy it is to recycle, reduce or reuse the waste we generate. This year, why not give your old electricals a new lease of life? Whether it's old power tools in the garage or kids' toys in a cupboard, sometimes it's hard to part with things that seem too valuable to throw away. Visit today to find out how your old electricals can realise their value once again either by being recycled into something new, or being donated to charity and going on to find a new home”

Follow our top tips for recycling below, visit the Recycle Now website at and let’s waste less together this Recycle Week.

How to declutter your e-clutter and win a prize!

  • As part of Recycle Week, Newry and Mourne District Council is asking residents to pledge to recycle their small electricals and they will be entered into a free prize draw with a chance to win a clock radio with DAB and iPod dock or a Eco Kettle.

  • Pledges cards can found at any of the Council’s seven Household Recycling Centres, Council offices and any participating electrical shop. To be in with a chance to win, get your pledge in before the 27th June.

  • Council Officers will also be attending the Newry Agricultural Show on the 26th June to answer any recycling questions and to ask residents for their pledges.

  • It can be confusing to know which small electricals can be recycled, but it’s easy: if it has a mains cable or uses replaceable batteries or needs charging, then you can recycle it. Look out for the crossed-out wheelie bin logo on it too.

  • For old or broken small electricals sitting unused in your house, the best thing is to take it to your local recycling centre: Click Here to find your nearest drop off point.

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Simple ways to make a BIG difference this Recycle Week

We can all help make scarce resources last by recycling them, letting someone else use them again or through a bit of planning before you buy. Here are a few simple things you could try this Recycle Week

  • Get clued up – find out what you can recycle and where by going to
  • Newry and Mourne District Council collect all types of plastic bottles, including shampoo and shower gel bottles from your bathroom.
  • Remember that clothes in good condition could be put to good use by someone else: donate them to your nearest textiles bank or charity shop.
  • Are you planning a summer picnic or BBQ? Make the most of your food with our Perfect Portions planner. Go to for tasty recipes and much more.
  • Start composting this Recycle Week! Collect your fruit and vegetable peelings, garden trimmings and grass clippings in a compost bin and in a few months you’ll have free food for your pots and garden.