Provision of Community Skips

The Mayor, Cllr Pat McGinn has launched a new recycling appeal that will give Newry and Mourne District one native tree for every tonne of aluminium cans and foil recycled, and at the same time help grow trees in a sustainable forest project in West Africa. The aim is to encourage householders to get into the recycling habit, and everybody is being asked to get behind the scheme and get involved.

By recycling aluminium at local bring sites and in their blue bins resident of Newry and Mourne will really be taking environmental action. Householders are asked to remember to wash and squash their food and drinks cans. This reduces the risk of contamination and means that a greater amount of cans can be recycled. Recycling aluminium uses only five per cent of the energy needed to make it from the raw material, and with recycled cans often back on the shelf just six weeks later, the energy savings quickly grow.

The Trees for the UK/Trees for Africa campaign, which is sponsored by not-for-profit organisation Alupro [Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation], has been developed from Alupo’s very successful 2003/4 ‘recycle for trees’ promotion, which led to 35,000 trees being planted across the UK this winter. The initiative provides a reward for recyclers which improves their landscape, with trees being planted in local parks and woodland. This year the appeal will also be helping to develop a well-managed sustainable forest training programme in the drylands of Africa.

Trees for planting locally will be selected from a list of native species such as English Oak, Scots Pine, Silver Birch and Rowan. Trees for Africa will be grown from seed in the nurseries of the Gabio Forest project in Burkina Faso, and have been chosen for their food and medicinal uses. Mango, Cashew and Baobab trees also encourage the production of honey, which is sold to provide income for the five village communities involved in the project.

To find out where your nearest bring site is or for further recycling information please call Tara Cunningham, Environmental Liaison Officer 028 30313220, contact Alupro on 0845 7227722 or look on the website