Your Questions Answered

Is recycling your organic waste good for the environment?

Yes, your participation in this scheme will mean that you will be doing your bit to help to improve your local environment. It is estimated that up to 50% of your household waste is made up of kitchen and garden waste. All waste collected in the brown bins will be sent to Keady based company, Natural World Products, to be made into peat free garden compost.

How will the scheme work..?

The Council will collect the brown bin normally, once a fortnight from your home during the growing season. This new collection will mean that once the brown bin collection scheme begins your existing grey bin will also be collected once fortnightly, alternating with the new brown bin collection service. Please see the calendar explaining when you should put your brown and grey bins out for collection - keep it safe for future reference.

Will my black bin fill up more quickly if it is only lifted once a fortnight?

No, not if you recycle materials such as glass, cans, plastic bottles, textiles, paper and card at your local recycling point. It is important that you recycle as much as possible as additional bags left beside your bin will not be lifted.

What type of waste can I put in my brown bin?

You should only put organic waste from your kitchen and garden in your bin-this generally means waste which will rot. See What to put in your Recycling Bins Page