Property Enquiries

At the conveyancing stage of house purchase, Solicitors ask the Council to search their records in respect to the property to ensure there are no outstanding breaches of legislation for which the Council has responsibility.


Property Enquiry Section
Alice Curran, Newry and Mourne District Council
O'Hagan House
Monaghan Row

Telephone 028 3031 3039
Fax 028 3031 3077


To download a copy of the Property Certificate Application Form Click here

The application must be submitted, together with:

(a) a fee of £60.00 to cover administration costs and

(b) a map of the property, with boundaries clearly outlined in red to the following scales:

  • 1:2500 Irish grid or County series
  • for the urban area 1:1250 is available and should be used if possible