Street Trading

What is Street Trading?

Street trading is selling any article or thing, or supplying a service in a street or
public place, whether or not in or from a stationary position.

Types of Street Trading are:

A Stationary Trading Licence is required where the trading is carried out at a fixed location at regular times and days, e.g. Hot Food Van. A Stationary Licence is only issued for a site or area, which has been designated for the purposes of street trading.

A Mobile Trading Licence is required when trader calls to an area and sells to customers for a short time and then moves on to the next area, e.g. Ice Cream Van.

A Temporary licence may be issued for one day trading, or for maximum of 7 days consecutive trading per licence. This type of licence is normally issued for festivals, e.g. St Patrick’s Day etc. A total of 5 Temporary Licences may be issued to the same trader per year.

Are any services or sale exempt?

Yes, the following are some activities which are not street trading for the purposes of the Street Trading Act:

  • roundsmen such as milkmen, breadmen, coalmen, etc.
  • traders who sell items or provide services on a door-to-door basis, e.g. commercial travellers who visit homes or businesses to sell their products.
  • trading at or adjoining premises used as a petrol filling station or at or adjoining premises used as a shop — provided it forms part of the business of the premises, and it takes place during the time when the premises are open to the public for business.

Street Trading Fees

Click here for Street Trading Fees download.

How to apply:

Application forms can be obtained from:

Licensing Section
Building Control Department
Newry and Mourne District Council
O’Hagan House
Monaghan Row
BT35 8DJ

Telephone (028) 3031 3000


or by clicking on the links below:

Temporary Street Trading Application Form

Stationary & Mobile Street Trading Application Form